A Perfect Solution for Creating Self-Playing Slide Presentations

What is InstaSlide?

InstaSlide is a simple and powerful application for designing a self-playing slide presentation. The finished presentation is wrapped into a single executable file, easy to mail and easy to play. The presentation runs on any PC without the need for any viewer or player. Optionally presentation could be saved into a single Adobe PDF file. InstaSlide captures an exact copy of anything that appears on your screen, allows you to send the screenshot directly to the printer, a file, an e-mail. 

The InstaSlide Tools

  • An image repository helps you collect images from a variety of sources: graphic files in all the popular formats, your computerís clipboard, or a scanner.
  • A screen capture tool allows capturing images from any graphic or other application and placing them directly into the image repository.
  • The scanner interface supports most of the popular scanners: HP, Canon, Xerox, etc., and allows you to scan images directly into the repository.
  • The image processor lets you view, print, enhance, resize, and convert images to other formats.
  • The presentation designer lets you order the slides, assign a duration to each slide, and attach labels to individual slides.

Who Needs InstaSlide?

  • Anyone who works with images can benefit from InstaSlide's quick, no-overhead way of putting together a presentation:
  • Designers of HTML pages who need to collect images and convert them to Web formats
  • Engineers who want to prepare simple presentations to show their colleagues
  • Architects who want to combine digital camera images with CAD drawings and plot files to send their clients
  • Anyone who wants to assemble a simple film with personal or family photos

The InstaSlide Functionality

Main toolbar

The main InstaSlide toolbar provides access to the following functions:

  • Open an existing presentation (*.isp or *.exe file).
  • Save a complete presentation as a *.isp, *.exe or *.pdf file.
  • Insert an image from file and place it into the repository. The following file formats are supported: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, ICO, CUR, TGA, WMF, and EMF.
  • Capture the computer desktop, the selected area, the Windows object, or the Active Window. You can also capture the desktop by pressing the PrintScreen button on your keyboard, or main window of the active application by pressing Alt-PrintScreen.
  • Print the currently selected image(s).
  • E-mail the currently selected image(s).
  • Paste the image from the clipboard into the repository.
  • Copy the currently selected image to the clipboard.
  • Acquire an image from the scanner into the repository.
  • Open the full screen Viewer / Image Processor for the currently selected image.
  • Remove the currently selected image from the repository.
  • Move up or down the currently selected image.
  • Show the presentation.

Image Viewer/Processor toolbar

The Image Viewer/Processor toolbar provides access to the following functions:

  • The InstaSlide's Viewer/Image Processor allows you to perform the following operations:
  • Paste the clipboard into the selected rectangle or at a cursor location.
  • Adjust color parameters: brightness and contrast; hue, saturation, and lightness; RGB.
  • Convert the image to gray scale, negative, black and white.
  • Reduce the number of colors.
  • Image flip, rotate, resize, and resample.
  • Apply filters (blur, edge detection, emboss, highpass, lowpass); bump mapping; lens effect; wave effect; morphing filters.
  • Make the InstaSlide the default viewer for a specific image file type.

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